Want to know what a real editor thinks of your writing?

Now you can.

Some kids loved 7th grade English classes. Most kids didn’t. And if your ability to make money depends on your ability to do that 7th grade English stuff well… you might be in trouble.

But you don’t have to be. I introduced this blog post review service to teach writers like you how to take their posts from meh to GREAT!

And GREAT! … is where the money is.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been on every side of the table….

…as a freelance writer, producing engaging web content that readers love since 2010 (and commanding higher and higher rates)

…as the director of content for a popular blog network, working with contributing writers of all kinds to get their content ready for the hundreds of thousands of readers our sites attracted

…and as a blog-reading fanatic who just knows and loves good blogging

In addition to all the hands-on experience I bring to each and every video-recorded, step-by-step evaluation of your blog post, I’ve got real credentials: a degree from one of the very best journalism schools in the U.S., specializing in writing and editing with an “outside concentration” in English language and grammar.

What’s in it for you

Just one of my reviews of your 500-word post will show you

  • suggestions for strengthening your headlines
  • how to know if your first sentence will hook–or lose–your reader
  • what kinds of formatting your article needs to keep your reader engaged
  • how to write the right kind of Call to Action for your post

The feedback you receive in just one blog post review will give you critical blogging lessons to lean on again and again, well beyond those first 500 words.

Currently these blog post reviews have a rock-bottom introductory of just $19 each. It’s a new service I’m offering, and the $19 price won’t stick around for very long.

So if you’re learning the ropes and want to be sure your editor(s) will want to hire you again…

or you’ve got your first real shot at landing a guest post on a major site and you want to nail your first impression with the editor…

Hire me to edit your blog post. (<– that’s a link)

After clicking that link, you’ll be directed to a checkout page. Once checkout is finished, you’ll be redirected to a page with instructions for how to proceed. These instructions will also be emailed to you, so you can’t lose ’em. Then I’ll do my part and send you a link to your video.

Got questions? Ask away.

PS: Ready to see just how good your writing can be? Here’s that link again. But don’t wait too long — the $19 price tag won’t be around forever.