Freelance Writer Resource Roundup

Last update: August 11, 2020


Here’s a collection of some of my favorite resources for freelance writer. These are all things I’ve read and used in my own business, and they’re worth sharing with you! As I find great stuff, I’ll keep updating this post for you. (Want to know when it’s updated? Join my email list right over here!)

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Freelancing Articles

A roundup of the best advice I’ve seen, about freelancing and its obstacles. Reading each of these will help you find the right mindset for your own freelance writing business.

Why you’re worth more than a penny per word (Linda Formichelli)
The Ultimate Guide to Making Money (Ramit Sethi)
The surefire way to turn a profit when you work for yourself (Paul Jarvis)
11 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business (Stephanie St. Claire)
The Easy-to-Follow, 9-Step Small Business Website Checklist (Chris Ducker)
The Energy Suck of Resistance (Stephanie St. Claire)
How Much Writing Does It Take to Earn a Living? (Gina Horkey)

Relevant Blogs

(with some fantastic free downloads for you!)

Be A Freelance BloggerGREAT freelance resource roundup for freelance writers and work-at-home moms!!  (Sophie Lizard)
Make A Living Writing (Carol Tice)
Horkey Handbook (Gina Horkey)
Careful Cents (Carrie Smith)
The Renegade Writer (Linda Formichelli)
Boost Blog Traffic (Jon Morrow)

Favorite Hang-Outs

Freelance Writers Den*
BAFB Forum
Careful Cents Club
Mamapreneur Mastermind*

Top Podcasts

Smarter Freelancing (Ed Gandia)
High-Income Business Writing (Ed Gandia)
Smart Passive Income (Pat Flynn)
Boss Mom (Dana Malstaff)

Books and Courses

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success,* a highly rated, self-paced email course by Gina Horkey
Five-Figure Writer,* a no-holds-barred ebook by Sarah Greesonbach that teaches you how to build a five-figure business on your terms
Essentialism, by Greg McKeown*
Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race … and Step Into a Career you Love, by Linda Formichelli*
Writer Mama,* a great guide to breaking into magazine writing as well as general tips to grow your writing business with your babies.

Business Tools

Godaddy WordPress hosting
FreshBooks* (my favorite accounting software for invoices, time tracking, etc.)
Contently (set up your free portfolio today!) has a great set of tools and resources for freelance writers, too!

Berkaweb has an article on finding the best web hosting services on the cheap.


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