Blogging Clips and Testimonials

As a blogger for hire, I write about freelancing and entrepreneurship, money, parenting, health and mental health. (From where I sit, it’s all related!) Here’s a sample of recent clips:


Entrepreneurship and Freelancing

How to survive a dry spell in clients
What you need to start your freelance business
Client referrals: your secret for success
Contracts 101
, Contracts 102, and Contracts 103
What to do when your client disappears
Here’s why you should launch that ecourse
7 Things I wish I knew about freelancing before starting



Business Myth: Investing in yourself is always a good idea
Freelance blogging with no time and no money: how one single mom made it work 
5 Ways to compensate your employees, besides cash
Should you post your rates online?


Content and Creativity

Stop making these common design mistakes (KEY if you’re still doing your own website)
Feelings every new designer experiences (actually, these are feelings every new creative professional experiences)
What do I do when my writing has been stolen?


I love this pitch!” Lisa, editor
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