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Book [Ghost]Writing

You want to write a book. You NEED to write a book. From book coaching to full ghostwriting services, I’ll help you get it written.

Content AND Strategy

Your blog isn’t doing you any good if no one reads it. I’ll help you plan what to write, how to write it, and what to do next.

Writing Courses

Interested in becoming a freelance writer? Take the first step toward an at-home writing career with a free 5-day challenge.

Hi! I’m Ashley.

After working with dozens of brilliant, hard-working entrepreneurs as a freelance writer, I learned a thing or two about great content. Now I bring my years of experience, practice, and self-study to bloggers and businesses that want to nail it in the content game.

Eventually, when you do your job really well, people start to notice… and they start asking you to teach them. That’s what the Ink Well Guild is all about — making it possible for other at-home parents to begin freelance writing and make this dream job work for them.

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Three Things You Need To Be A Freelance Writer

Everywhere you look, there's someone talking about what you need to be a freelance writer. Computer, check. Google Drive, check. Email address just for work, check. On and on and on the list goes. But there's more than just "stuff" and "digital stuff" that you need if...

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How to take a vacation when you’re a freelancer

You need a vacation. And guess what! You can take one. Even if you work for yourself. Especially if you work for yourself. When you're pouring every spare moment into building your business, pitching for new clients, getting work, and (yay!) juggling a full load of...

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Major milestone report (hint: affiliate marketing)

Today's post is a little bit different than what you'll typically find. I'm going to pull the curtain back a little bit and show you something that's been going on behind the scenes. Don't worry -- nothing too scary, I promise! It should be no surprise to you that...

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