I was 8 months pregnant when my then-husband and I separated.

I had no job, no spouse, and a lease I needed to break.

I also had a journalism degree, some solid blogging chops, and a steady supply of fierce determination.

What was a wanna-be stay-at-home mom to do?

Answer: Freelance Writing

Really there wasn’t anything else I could possibly do. Not long-term, anyway. My entire focus was built on words right from the beginning.

I was correcting the grammar of adults around me by the age of 5.

(I’ll never live that down.)

Though I’ve improved in the social skills arena, some things never change. I still know how to work with words, and I still want to help others with theirs. 

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism from one of the top j-schools in the country (go Heels!) and a blogging resume dating back to 2001 (holla to my LiveJournal), I’ve seen it all… and done most of it.

Now I help businesses and entrepreneurs with writing.

Blogs. E-books. Websites. Content upgrades. Even Amazon book descriptions (because nothing gives you cred like “Bestselling Author”).

Good copy has always been important, but now it’s more important than ever. Well-done company blogs generate more leads, a better ROI, and greater credibility. These days your business is absolutely built on words. What you do is important, of course, but words are what get the message out. 

But producing the kind of content that people want to read isn’t so simple. Anyone can write a blog post, but not everyone can deliver great content that gets results. Doing that requires a style that only seasoned writers have.

Authoritative and relatable. Valuable and engaging.

That’s what your content needs to be. You need to convey authority without setting yourself up on a mountaintop. Nobody wants to be lectured, after all. Offer value. Be engaging. Equip your audience with the knowledge they need and then point them to a specific action.

Anything less, and you’ll get crickets. And with customers moving in droves toward online research over human interaction, crickets will spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

I don’t dish out trouble… just results.

As a freelance writer and editor, I do good work, on time, practically error-free. I’m a solid brick in your marketing foundation. 

As an instructor, I show other at-home moms how to do what I do. No fluff, no bull, no “ninja tactics.” Just solid help.

Startups, small businesses, and smart entrepreneurs have been hiring me since 2010 to improve their websites, manage and contribute to their blogs, and strengthen their internet marketing copy. I’ve even been a ghost-writer for some names you might recognize. I just may be the right person for you, too. 

Now new and growing writers come to me to learn how to start their own writing careers, improve their craft, and stay true to their highest calling: taking care of their families… building the families and home lives they want, with words. 

I couldn’t love my work more than I already do.

You need content? I make it (great).
You want to make it? I’ll show you how to leap-frog everybody else.

You can learn more about my writing services here; my resources for writers are here.

Ready to chat? Send send me an email any time at ashley@ashleygainer.com.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.