Good copy is more than just “pretty words.”

You need mission-driven copy
that resonates on a deep, soul level with your best people.

That’s what I can do for you.

A bit about my background:

After picking up a journalism degree, I started working in digital marketing well over a decade ago.

(In this business, that’s like a century!).

Along the way I’ve written for big names and million-dollar companies (Funnel Gorgeous, Steve Larsen, Lolly’s Home Kitchen, Amber Housley, GeekPack, Rosalind Miller, Kings Loot… to name a few). Together, we’ve had some fun putting together little things like million-dollar sales funnels and six-figure email campaigns.

These days, I operate less like a “copywriter for hire” and more like a key part of the team… the clued-in creative who brings new ideas, refines the offers, and clarifies the messaging around the whole thing.

What makes me sought-after is my deep sensitivity to voice.

(I’ve had clients tell me their own mothers and husbands couldn’t tell someone else was writing for them!)

Well, that and my southern charm. Carolina girls and all that.