Yes! You can have a writing career!

Yes! You can have a writing career!

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Get My Best Insider Tips No One Else Is Teaching

In this masterclass, we'll cover my three core frameworks for growing a freelance writing business that THRIVES...

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Get My Best Insider Tips No One Else Is Teaching

In this masterclass, we'll cover my three core frameworks for growing a freelance writing business that THRIVES...

with or without a niche.

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How to hire an awesome editor with no regrets

How to hire an editor (and know it’ll be a good experience)

By ashleygainer | December 1, 2016

Maybe it’s a sales page you want to get just right. Maybe it’s the content for your new course. Maybe you’ve decided to self-publish a book to support your credibility and your brand. Whatever it is, you want to hire an editor to make sure everything looks good and won’t get you annoying emails and […]

how to start freelance writing

How to start a freelance writing business

By ashleygainer | November 1, 2016

One of the questions I get alllll the time when I tell people I work for myself as a freelance writer is this: How did you get started in that? Turns out, not many people know how to start a freelance writing business. That’s why this is a great question, really. What I do is pretty […]

The WAHM sick day survival guide: when you’ve got a little sickie at home

By ashleygainer | July 12, 2016

One of the most highly touted benefits of having a home-based business is the flexibility it affords you — and this is absolutely brought home when there’s a little one under the weather and underfoot. Having a sick child at home can certainly throw a wrench in your work plans, especially if you’ve got deadline […]

When your client disappears, here’s what to do

By ashleygainer | June 7, 2016

Crickets… Not what you want in your inbox when you’re waiting to hear from a client. One minute, you were trucking productively along; the next, you’re at a critical juncture with deafening silence from the other end. So what do you do when your client disappears? If you’re still negotiating In the preliminary back-and-forth with […]

Beat burnout. Here’s how

By ashleygainer | May 13, 2016

Burnout. The dry eyes. The heavy limbs. The numb brain. Burnout happens to the best of us (and the rest of us, too).  But if you’re smart and you’re paying attention, you can avoid burnout and keep working this lifestyle business to the fullest. So What’s Burnout? Burnout happens when you’re overworked and you just […]

How to work from home with a baby

By ashleygainer | April 1, 2016

  Not many of us have the opportunity (ahem) to work when we’ve got a baby to take care of, and there’s nothing quite like being in that position for the very first time. The questions, the trial and error, the constant second-guessing, the vortex of “no right answer,” the guilt, and the ever-shifting goal […]

Sarah Greeley

Thank you, Ashley! By following your advice I just got my first paying gig.

Without a website or any social media presence! I used the clips I created in Clips Camp and I just decided to go for it. I would not have taken these steps to launch my freelance business without your guidance. You are so real and honest about your journey; you made freelance writing seem possible. And now it is possible for me. I have never felt more confident in myself and my abilities!

Erin Cryder

Your classes, Facebook group, Instagram, and just general approachability have really driven me to want to succeed at this.

It feels like someone is in my corner all the time. Thanks for your mentoring- keep up the great work!!

Amanda Linsky

I finally found a freelance writer/course creator I could personally relate to

I've been looking into freelance writing for over a year now. There's a lot of information out there and a lot of people who claim to be able to teach the "best" way to go about being a writer…. I prefer your down-to-earth style of teaching.

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