oops, I lied 😬

(didn’t mean to, honest)

I made a massive mistake when I first told you about this week’s summit. What day was it, Thursday? Last week was all a blur.

I’d shared that I’m one of the handful of speakers in a summit (happening this week!) and that it was free to join.

Which it is — that’s not the accidental lie.

Where I messed up is in saying there was a paid upgrade option.

Because there’s not.

Because your access to the summit is free for-eh-vur.

I really got my wires crossed on that one, and I’m sorry for any confusion or weirdness.

So let me tell you about this whole summit situation, because it’s different than all the other ones I’ve done.

First off, it’s hosted by my friend Wendy Breakstone, who (based on what I’ve observed over the years) is in the habit of zagging when other people zig.

She’s planted her flag in a few places I find very interesting…

The first being the use of AI in your marketing… but not just like, go to ChatGPT, type in a prompt for a blog post, and roll
with it.

(That’s garbage. I don’t like that stuff.)

She’s leading the way with all kinds of interesting things you can do with AI to increase your speed and capacity — and lead gen.

But that’s not what the summit’s about.

Another cool thing Wendy does is this Micro Audio Summit thing — which brings me to you.

Or brings me to her to bring to you.

Something like that.

Anyway — I am really digging this micro audio summit idea for two reasons:

1. It’s micro. There’s no glut of content, no overwhelm, no walking away with a massive to-do list of things you don’t do, plus
all the guilt of not taking in every presentation plus implementing what you did get.

Just a handful of selected speakers on a specific topic. Laser focus, but enough variety that we aren’t all talking about the same thing 7 different times.

2. It’s audio. Video presentations are fine, and I’ve done quite a few of them. But these audio summits leave behind the idea that I have to show up and “present” and that y’all have to show up and “consume.”

These are conversations — two-sided. There’s ebb and flow, and plenty of garden paths to wander down…

My specialty.

But my point is, this type of content is (in my opinion) a lot easier to work into the day.

I can listen in on a conversation and take down some notes at any point in my day without worrying that I’m missing something by not seeing the slides…

And I don’t have to spend my limited and valuable “computer time” passively watching a presentation instead of working.

Combine those two things, PLUS this micro summit’s focus on email (yessssss), PLUS the fact that it drops on my birthday (ahem Wednesday) and I knew I had to be a part.

Thankfully, Wendy agreed, and so here we are:

The Winning in the Inbox Micro Audio Summit.

Here’s the list of presenters again:

🔥 Ann Keaney: Leverage High-Quality Content & Conversations to Build Your “Buyers List”

🔥 Liz Wilcox: I’m Building My Email List ~ NOW WHAT? How to Turn Followers Into Customers

🔥 Julie Hood: Super Lead Generation with Mini-Courses: Your Secret to More Leads

🔥 Shanel Evans: The SAVVY Way to Repurpose Content That Connects & Converts

🔥 Hera Zee: Inbox Influence: Ai-Powered Emails that Boost Opens, Clicks, & Sales All Year Round

🔥 Ashley Gainer:  The #1 Email Rule: Get This Wrong, and It Will Always Be a Struggle

🔥 Wendy Breakstone (our Host): Flood Your Email List with Thousands of Leads & Fill Your Funnel

You can register for PERMANENT ACCESS at NO COST at my link here:


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