do freelance writers need a website?

Freelance Writer Websites And Their Alternatives

Do you need a website to be a freelance writer? The short answer is no… but you do need something. Freelance writer websites are nice to have but not required. There are some alternatives, most of which are ideal for the non-techies and struggling perfectionists among us.

Freelance writers need a portfolio

Freelance writers DON’T need a website but DO need a portfolio. This is one of my core key messages that I really want every freelance writer to be aware of in the very beginning of their career.

When I say portfolio, I mean that you need to have some writing samples to show to somebody. These writing samples have to indicate your ability to deliver the work that you say you can do.

They should be clips that are representative of your ability to write and show what kinds of things you can write.

Alternatives to freelance writer websites

So where do you put your portfolio if you don’t have a site? Here are some good alternatives, and almost all of them are free.

  • Contently (or another online publisher)–here’s mine:
  • LinkedIn (publisher and profile)–you can upload your portfolio pieces and samples
  • Google drive folder–name it “Your Name’s Portfolio,” and upload your samples as PDFs; you can even organize them by type in different folders (blog posts, emails, sales copy); then share a view only link
  • PDF attachment to an email–make the PDF easy to navigate, with a table of contents

One easy freelance writer website

There is one way to set up a website that’s not very complicated, if you really want a website right away. It’s Wix.

I used to hate on Wix. And it’s not a perfect solution. However, I do think that it’s become a good viable alternative to building your own WordPress site. It’s fairly easy-to-use, and low-cost. They do have good templates that are simple to customize. Everything that you need is built in.

Clips Camp

If you need help getting great writing samples for your portfolio, I have a course called Clips Camp.

It’s a three-week course for new and advanced-new freelance writers who want to get started with high-paying client work. If you’re on Upwork or Fiverr and miserable, if you haven’t even done anything to get started and you don’t know what the first step is, then Clips Camp is for you.

I teach you how to put together a solid portfolio of writing samples that position you as the kind of awesome writer that awesome clients want to hire. If you want in on that, or just want more information, go to


do freelance writers need a website?

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