how to find writing clients in 2021

How To Find Clients In 2021: Methods for Freelance Writers

How do freelance writers find clients in 2021? After all, in addition to flying cars, shouldn’t we have a magic app for that by now?

Sorry, no app yet, but there are some good ways. Here are 4 super-current methods for finding clients today.

Facebook groups

Joining Facebook groups are an additional step to optimizing your Facebook profile and putting up a Facebook business page. (You should do that as well!)

There’s a lot of action in groups, especially now, when hardly anyone can meet in person.

1. Event groups and participant chat/apps

Event groups are huge because many events have gone online. Join groups that might be looking for writers, or mastermind groups. You can network virtually in these groups or even on the apps that participants can download.

2. Software user groups

Software user groups (such as email service provider groups or course software groups) can be great for finding people who need writers or who have questions about copy. You can then answer their questions and become known as a writer.

Smaller groups are probably going to give you a little bit more mileage than huge groups. Don’t be afraid of small groups!

3. Local chamber & business association groups

Another place you can plug in for leads is local chamber and business association groups. Look for your local chamber, your state business organizations, etc. Introduce yourself as a copywriter. You’re going to have floods of interest! Even in this virtual meeting era, being local can be a nice little touch point.

4. Programs and audiences you’re in

Finally, being active and visible in the audience groups of programs that you’re already in can lead to work. A writer friend of mine found a client in a mommy group by just mentioning what she did. I’ve sold courses by mentioning that I teach moms how to be freelance writers.

For more details on how to find clients on Facebook, check out my post on Finding Writing Clients on Facebook.

Personal network

Make sure that people know you’re a writer. Otherwise, how can they refer anyone to you for work? Put your title on your email signature and in your Facebook profile, as well as any other digital platform profile that you have.

You can casually mention about once a week that you’re a writer. Not in a weird way, but maybe weave it into a story that you’re telling. Sometimes people need to hear something quite a few times before it really sinks in, even though it might seem to you that it’s overkill.

I get most of my writing work from referrals, which is so nice.


This is the new cool kid on the block. It’s an app for your phone that has chat rooms about anything. You have to be invited, but once you’re in, you can optimize your profile as a writer, and join in conversations that could be relevant.

The chat rooms are actual “chat,” meaning that you talk to each other, not communicate via typing or video. It’s moderated, so not everyone talks at once.

You don’t have to look presentable, which you do for video, but you still get to socialize and network.

Clubhouse is growing very quickly; I can’t predict if it will burn out or last forever, but you can take advantage of it while it’s hot.

Direct pitch to find clients

It’s a little more intimidating for some writers to pitch, but the results can be great. There are 5 types of businesses that you can contact directly to offer your writing services.

  1. Every software or app you use. Mention what you like about their product and that you’re a writer.
  2. Every local service or small business you use (lawn care, taekwondo, chiropractor, etc.). Modern businesses need an online presence, and thus need writers.
  3. Every personal brand you use. Mention what you like about their product and that you’re a writer.
  4. Every podcast you listen to. You can offer to do their show notes or repurpose their content.
  5. Every email list you’re on (to the sender of the list, but not if it’s a “no reply”). You’re familiar with their “voice” already, which is a plus.

Join Us!

One of the best Facebook groups to meet other writers in is mine. It’s free! Just look for The Ink Well Guild with Ashley Gainer.

Come join us–you can let us know what method you used to get clients and how it worked for you.


how to find writing clients in 2021

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