How to niche down the right way

How To Find Your Best Writing Niche

When you’re a beginning or newish freelance writer, you might start as a generalist (which is totally fine!). It will eventually make sense to niche in some way, though. When you’re ready, here’s how to find your best writing niche.

Start as a Generalist (No Niche)

If you don’t have a niche screaming at you, then start as a generalist. I have tons of podcast episodes to help you with that, but if you feel a little lost, post in my free Facebook group. I also have a lot of content on this blog that can help you.

As a generalist, take anything that looks interesting and pays you well enough to justify doing the work. Try different types of writing to see what clicks with you. You want to try different types of clients, writing, and subject matter. Raise your rates as you go along. You can do it!

Keep Raising Your Rates

Believe it or not, you’ll get to the point where it’s time to start saying no to things. For some new freelance writers, this comes as soon as three months into things. For others, it can take as long as a year. But when you’re at that point, do two things: raise your rates again, and start thinking about what you want to do more of/what you don’t want to do again.

The more clear you get on those two things (what you like, what you don’t like), the more you can focus on building your strengths. And it could just be that you like getting paid to write! If that’s the case, then take a look at the assignments that pay you the highest effective hourly rate, and see if there is a common niche among them.

Your Strengths (and Writing Niche) Will Emerge

Over time, your strengths will develop and begin to emerge. Usually, the writing that you enjoy doing AND that you’re pretty good at can/should/will become your niche. You build your portfolio with more of the type of writing that you enjoy, and clients begin to refer you to others, so it becomes easier to find work that you like.

It’s a process, it finds you over time. And it can change, as well. But it’s better to get started and figure things out as you go, rather than not begin because you don’t know your niche.

If you have questions about any of this, come join my free Facebook Group, The Ink Well Guild. We have new and experienced writers in the group, and I’m frequently in there, responding to people. It’s a friendly place.

Take the Niche Challenge!

If you want a little more help getting your head around a good writing niche for you, you’re in luck! I have a FREE course that will take you through the process of identifying and owning your ideal writing niche… no matter how far along you are (or aren’t) in your writing journey. Sign up here and get started today!

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