how to get noticed as a freelance writer

How To Get Noticed As A Freelance Writer

If you want to get noticed as a freelance writer, turning on the inbound marketing engine can be a rocket to visibility.

It doesn’t have to be a chore! In fact, a lot of it is pretty natural. I’ve got 6 ways to get noticed online that any writer can do, no matter what level of experience (or pay rate).

Get noticed by sharing on social media

1. Show up regularly

Be sure that you show up regularly on your social media platform of choice. Mention your writing, your clients, things you saw recently in your work, blunders you would have done better, etc. Share a tip that made your writing easier.

Don’t be weird and have these things be your ONLY posts. But at least once a week, naturally work something in that reminds people you’re a writer. If you’re already active on social media, this isn’t too hard. If you hate social media, you might have to schedule reminders for yourself.

2. Share your published links

As soon as they go live, you can share links to your writing on social media. This not only covers your social media presence, but also makes clients happy. It’s additional exposure for clients as well as you.

3. Share happy client testimonials

Share client success stories when they come in. You can talk about how much you loved working with them. Extra points if you have recognizable client names or if you can make the gig seem extra juicy.

Get noticed by creating online content and buzz

4. Create a team of friends

This isn’t a group of people that you pay to be on a team. It’s a group of your friends who willingly engage on your posts, mention you, or share your works in your various niche groups and entrepreneur groups. They can be your in-real-life friends or your online friends, as long as the sharing comes across as natural, and not sales-y.

5. Offer your advice

Don’t be afraid to offer your content-related, client-management-related, or niche-related knowledge and advice, even if you feel like you don’t have much. If people are asking questions in the Facebook groups you’re in, share whatever relevant knowledge or advice you have with them.

Someone might say, “I’m looking for an invoicing software, but they’re all really expensive. Does anybody know a free one?”

Then you can offer, “I just use a spreadsheet [or whatever]. I have a PDF template that I make and send in to my writing clients. It’s fine and doesn’t have to be fancy.” See how you mention that you have writing clients as you give a solution?

6. Make a lead magnet

A lead magnet is just something you give away for free in order to get someone’s contact details, usually their email address. You should create a lead magnet that’s really easy to share among people in your niche; this may take a bit of experience or you might already have an idea to run with!

You could also create a niche content strategy blueprint. Whichever option you choose, you should put the link to it EVERYWHERE, so that it’s easy for your target audience to find and click.

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how to get noticed as a freelance writer

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