smashing writer's block in conversion copywriting

How To Smash Writer’s Block In Conversion Copywriting

The blank page. The blinking cursor. Welcome to writer’s block, a.k.a., every writer’s nightmare. How are you supposed to know what to write when you don’t know what to write? Well, my friend, if you’re in the field of conversion copywriting, I’ve got you covered.


Conversion copywriting


Writing for conversion is different from what most people think of as “writing.”

There are elements of creative writing, personal essay, and even academic writing that go into great copy. But if you rely on stuff you learned in the classroom and at author-oriented workshops and the like, you’re…well, you’re kinda doomed.

So, I’ll assume that everyone reading this is already familiar with conversion copywriting, and just address how to deal with writer’s block as a conversion copywriter.


Writer’s block


Whether we’re writing copy for ourselves or for our clients, there’s always that monster lurking in the corner…

What do I write about this time? How do I know if it’s good? What if it stinks worse than my kid’s shoes after a playdate?

That choking feeling of not knowing where or how to start can be overwhelming.

On the reverse side, every writer’s dream is not only knowing what to write but also knowing it’s going to land with the intended audience and work out really well.

If only we could somehow tap into that dream, and banish the monster.


Preparation is the key


Well, crack open a window and breathe in some hard-earned truth straight from someone who tried to wing it for too long: if you haven’t done the right kind of preparation before you tappity-tap a single word, then odds are good that your draft will end up in the stinky shoe pile.

Why? Because it’s in the preparation that the writing begins to take shape.

With good prep work, you don’t have to “come up with” anything, because you’ve already collected it. You basically just have to assemble it all and then smooth it out.

In other words, do enough preparation, and your copy practically writes itself. That’s how you tap into the dream.


Nail the messaging in conversion copywriting


And how do you specifically prepare for copy in conversion copywriting?

You get the messaging right.

Nailing the messaging is how you know what to write, every single time. No air fresheners required.

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