my birthday present to youuuuuuu

and no, it doesn’t cost you a thing

It’s mah birf day!

I took the morning off work and slept until almost 7, yay.

I’ve been banned from leaving my room because there’s birthday mischief afoot.

The sounds of kids in the kitchen occasionally make their way under the door…

So it’s just you and me.

I had some people asking if I’m going to pull all my courses out of the vault and do a big birthday sale like I usually do…

But nah, I’m dropping something that costs zero dollars and zero cents instead.

You can get it here. [–srZ6tqD7mi92GeeUcf0Mj-1y29vz7_jC_89Sntv52frztiZAlKs46AZIKVZc1FXRFYFM6HBVJSR1jZifYst8v1-8vbj-63j-qPgX-pfAsgtVqCwqP79LZiTcOsGjox2E5wW9PGUmFY2RJwZ4zeLeCyDNGbk87oHRnlIDRYA01nqaWgq9qUrBbWilpw1daUoOSUV7RigjHWsWrLhRaDsAIGqKlpdVHRCGFGSNujQgcR3bTVfiGzHHMOqSifCt4XvL-gQ5dHQDf465ooeK_SOMONzP7eWGyHZv_FX3Cndm90avZfO0EWyKM3UgUkPuIRnRxO87S5L06i_PjhY_LW5y5kVlT0XQWEuEbuKsmfogZ5ZzaYzpuLjxNEkqX2y-HhobKEfPhfc5ar4iO_vwEAAP__SmumqA]

In short, I’m part of a micro audio summit that’s all about email marketing.

You just register for access, and then you’ll have (permanent, not hours-long) access to 7 speaker sessions all dealing with
various ways to “win in the inbox.”

(Access drops today at 10am Eastern.)

I’m one of the 7 sessions, which are interviews, not presentations.

The goal is to give you short but strong conversations you can listen to easily, and start experimenting with right away.

I loved my chat with Wendy (Breakstone, the host) and I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s sessions, too.

(When I asked earlier about which session you’re most looking forward to, Shanel Evans was clearly at the top, so maybe start with

Here’s the full roster:

* Ann Keaney: Leverage High-Quality Content & Conversations to Build Your “Buyers List”

* Liz Wilcox: I’m Building My Email List ~ NOW WHAT? How to Turn Followers Into Customers

* Julie Hood: Super Lead Generation with Mini-Courses: Your Secret to More Leads

* Shanel Evans: The SAVVY Way to Repurpose Content That Connects & Converts

* Hera Zee: Inbox Influence: Ai-Powered Emails that Boost Opens, Clicks, & Sales All Year Round

* Ashley Gainer:  The #1 Email Rule: Get This Wrong, and It Will Always Be a Struggle

* Wendy Breakstone (our Host): Flood Your Email List with Thousands of Leads & Fill Your Funnel

You can register here — access opens up in a couple hours:

I will return tomorrow with a full report on the birthday shenanigans.

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