the truth about writing groups

There’s this phenomenon in the creative writing world called writing groups.

People who want to get better at writing will get together and share what they’re working on.

They read each other’s stuff, offer suggestions for plot points or for smoothing out a weird section…

Might even take a manuscript and mark it up.

It’s about practice, feedback, refinement, and sharing your experience and opinions with your fellow writers.

I’ve never been part of a writing group — creative writing is not my jam.

But I’m a creative, and a lot of the people I hang out with are creatives, too.

Sooooo I’ve offered my share of feedback on the stuff my friends write.

And now in my Copy Lead role at the agency, I am giving feedback on somebody else’s stuff almost every day… whether we’re in the
planning stages or it’s a draft that needs a review.

When it comes to writing stuff, we really are stronger together.

Hands down, the absolute best way to get better as a writer is to have someone else review your stuff.

If you can find someone who’s more knowledgeable or more experienced, your stuff will be that much better.

I’ve grown leaps and bounds as a copywriter over the past 10 months working for the agency, where my work gets feedbacked
frequently from some of the best (unknown) copywriters in marketing today.

And now I want to make the same opportunity available to YOU.

The Email Intensive still has a few spots left, so I’m going to keep telling you about it.

The intensive is like a writing group led by an instructor, with a focus on story-based emails.

Folks in the intensive are creative, open, generous, and maybe a little bit nervous… because sharing your writing can feel
pretty vulnerable.

(I still get nervous every single time I send something for review!)

But we’re a good group, and this isn’t my first rodeo.

When you go through the Email Intensive with me, you’ll get live training, brainstorming, and q&a.

You’ll also get private feedback on your email copy, so you can see how to apply the training we’re doing, how to take your ideas
and work them into the frameworks, and how to simplify and strengthen your email copy.

Do all those things, and you’ll be sending more emails, more confidently, and making more sales from them.

We start Friday, April 5.

Get more information and register here:

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