“you think you’re better than her”

I posted an anonymous question in a Facebook group the other day.


The group is for single parents and my question had to do with navigating a tricky situation with Will's ex.


Some people were supportive and validating, but some people jumped allllll the way down my throat.


"You sound like you think you're better than her" was the gist of the refrain.


And after some self-reflection...


Yeah. I do think I'm better than her, and I've got a long list of reasons why.


Most of them have to do with the fact that I prioritize my kids' well being over trying to punish my ex (or anyone else, for that matter).


So when I'm dealing with someone who uses their kids as a pawn to "get back at" someone else, to the kid's detriment...


Then yeah.


I'm gonna say I'm a better person.


(At least on that plane.)


It's always an interesting experience, receiving feedback.


Whether it's an opinion, or a plan, or your work...


Having a critique in hand can be... well, challenging.


But the most important thing to keep in mind when you have any kind of feedback is this:


Can the source be trusted?


Sometimes on social media, the source CAN'T be trusted. But sometimes, it can.


I posted in an active group of single parents because I knew I'd get a ton of different opinions, and I wanted them.


It was obvious to see who could be trusted and who should be taken with a grain of salt.


Who was carefully considering their stance in disagreeing with me vs. who was just reacting negatively because I said I go to church and they hate religion (for their own valid reasons).


Who was just mindlessly positive and supportive vs. who honestly saw no concerns.


Et cetera.


Being able to handle feedback even when it's not in your favor is an important part of life, but especially when you're in a creative or helping profession.


And having a place to go when you WANT to get feedback is especially important if you're a copywriter.


Writing copy is complex and often involves a lot of hours.


There are tons of ways you can get it right, and tonnnnns of ways you can get it wrong


Feedback from a knowledgeable copywriter is essential if you want to get better.


And that's one of the great things about Copy Chief --


It's loaded with expert copywriters with excellent opinions, and there's a forum specifically for giving and receiving feedback.


If any forum can be trusted to evaluate your stuff, this one is it.


That's one of the reasons why business owners (not copywriters in their own rights) are part of Copy Chief.


Access to the training, including what's working NOW, plus access to feedback makes the price of admission worth it to anyone who's selling something on a sales page or running traffic to any kind of offer.


You could pay me $1000 for a single sales page audit... or you can pay a little more for a full year of access to everything inside Copy Chief.


Choice is yours!


But if you want in, you can get in using my link:



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