B is for blind bullets

We blew up a watermelon this weekend.


It was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever done, and possibly one of the coolest.


Will made some side remark to me at one point about finding something blowy-uppy in his house -- a remnant of a past life -- and that we should get a watermelon this weekend and see what happens.


I didn't think he was serious, so I just sorta went along with it.


Yeah, ok, sure, we'll just blow up a watermelon.  


And maybe after that we'll hotwire a school bus and take a 45mph joy ride to the back hills and do some cow-tipping.  


But nope... when we got to his house there was a watermelon in the kitchen.


And he made it very clear that this watermelon was the one to be exploded.


Well, hollowed out like a halloween pumpkin and then exploded.


Note to self: next time we blow up a watermelon, let's cut a design into it!


Anyway, so I'm using a metal tablespoon like it's a giant melon baller and I've got sticky up to my elbows.


Will had assembled the, erhm, packet while I did all the scooping.


He assures me this was all entirely legal, by the way. Aside from the potential for noise violations maybe.


So I put all the watermelon juice into ice cube trays to freeze for later and we load up the kids with eyes and ears (safety glasses and noise-blocking headphones).


We tromp out back, get everything set up, secure the children, whip out the video camera, and then it's go time.


I posted the end result on Facebook.


>>> See the "fruits of our labor" here.


When Will asked me what today's email is going to be about, I said I thought I would go with "B is for bullets" as in blind bullets, the thing I'm studying right now for my personal pursuit of copywriting.


He thought I meant bullets as in blowing up a watermelon.


But what I'm really talking about is blind bullets, those curiosity lines that tell you what you'll discover in this product without actually telling you what the thing is.


For example...


In this email you'll discover:

  • This copywriter's secret hobby for keeping the creative spark alive (this one will SHOCK you)

  • The proper safety equipment for blowing up a watermelon, so you can be sure your loved ones are protected)

  • One "sneaky legal liability" you need to be aware of before setting off explosives in your backyard... and it's not what you think!


I'm sure you've seen these before.


Gary Bencivenga, the commonly heralded Greatest Living Copywriter, one said that all a sales page really needs is a headline, some bullets, and a buy button.


That's all you need to sell something, and everything else is just gravy.


I haven't tested this theory yet, but I've suggested we start trying it for our OTO pages, and I am curious to see if this goes anywhere.


i'll certainly be testing it for myself when I get my book funnel launched.


Bullets are my "area of focus" right now as I try to level up as a copywriter.


Some of my favorite training on writing bullets is no longer available (Copy Riddles, sniff) but there's excellent training on writing blind bullets inside Copy Chief.


Today I'm going to dig into the Parris Lampropoulos training on writing blind bullets. He's an excellent copywriter and a good teacher.


Copy Chief is a membership for copywriting. it mostly has copywriters in it, but it's also an excellent training ground for business owners who are writing their own copy, and marketers who want to get better at marketing.


All the good copywriters become marketers in their own rights, after all.


The caliber of people inside Copy Chief is impressive. There are long-time stalwarts as well as absolute beginners, and everything in between.


And hey! Copy Chief members get a discounted ticket to Copy Chief Live in October! I'll be there, and if you are too, we should get together.


Anyway, see what Copy Chief is all about, And if you like what you see, then I suggest you join using my affiliate link right here:




And if you're one of my affiliates, and you come to Copy Chief Live in October, I'll buy you dinner :)

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