dad’s truck

I randomly — briefly — got to drive my dad’s truck the other day.

Mostly I just had to back it down my steep, wonky driveway, let somebody else leave, and then pull it back up the hill.

I don’t get behind the wheel of pickup trucks very often, but it’s always a curiosity when I do.

My brother, when we were in high school, drove a Rover from the 70s… and that was my first exposure to driving trucks.

(I drove a Highlander for 17 years, but that thing was built on the Camry chassis and drove like a sedan, not a truck.)

This thing of my brother’s was straight out of a 1973 war movie… huge light green metal box, loud, very high, with no power

If you’ve never driven a vehicle with no power steering, just imagine your steering wheel giving you so much resistance that you
got a full arm workout every time you went anywhere.

So this is what I thought driving a truck was like.

Last October, I went to Nashville for Copy Chief Live and ended up staying with my brilliant friend, Monica Snyder.

Some things you might not know about Monica that I love: she’s a brilliant marketer, a fabulous mom of two, she’s short like me,
and she drives a Ford 250.

When we were talking about my trip out, she offered her truck for me to drive.

I’d been in this truck the year prior, so I was already aware of its size (and the fact that it’s approximately 3x taller than I

But I’ve never really driven a truck before, let alone a biiig one, so I was a little nervous.

However, I’m also a good driver, so I decided to be excited instead of anxious.

Visions of me rolling up to City Winery in a behemoth, in front of Kevin Rogers and Ryan Lee and Orzy and everyone else.

“Hey who’s the chick in the giant truck?”

hahaha… these are my nerd fantasies I guess.

Anyway — so Monica’s Ford is big and it’s a diesel, so it’s rumbly.

And it was… a lot of fun to drive.

(Only issue I had was trying to get it to a fuel pump… it had the turning radius of a swimming pool so it took me a few tries,

But my dad’s truck is a Colorado — a much smaller truck.

The thing you need to understand about my dad is that he’s a bit like Red Foreman from That 70s Show.

Different era, different life experiences… but lots of the same values and a same general way of going about the world.

Red only drove American vehicles. My dad only drives American, too.

So I get in my dad’s truck and the park brake is broken off (figures) and the seat is leaned all the way back (why?) and the key
actually goes into the ignition, rather than authorizing a push-button engine start from 3 feet away.

My kids would gonna be so confused.

But anyway.

So I get the thing cranked and I sort out the pedals and I get it backing down my crooked driveway.

Hey, this thing handles pretty easily!

The brake is easy, it turns in reverse alright.

Gas pedal was responsive when it was time to go forward. Steering was good, too.

It was a pleasant surprise.

You know what else is a pleasant surprise?

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