boxing day & I feel like fighting

Day after Christmas, aka Boxing Day, has always felt pretty angsty for me. This year is no exception.

There’s the “holiday let-down” going on, after all that pressure build-up.

There’s the neuroses that set in after a sudden rush of candy and other sugary stuff.

There’s the extra plans and extra social interaction and the being off schedule that sends everybody to weird head-spaces.

The lack of alone time.

The lights and noise and all the whining. So much whining.

The mess, the piles, the existential influx.

Y’all I am tired today.

Add in 4 off-kilter kids and a list of household chores that have been neglected for too long and the nausea that never really
went away after we all got sick a little while ago, and you’ve got… well, possibly the worst version of me.

But it’s not all grinchy.

Some really good things have been happening, too.

Will re-pierced my closed-up ear for me, so I’ll be able to wear earrings again soon. Maybe my gal Tamara Zantell and I will have
an earrings showdown soon.

(She’ll win. Her style is impeccable.)

I sold a couple of VIP days, which is always fun.

I’m still building out my automations as I move everything over to FG Funnels, but before too long I will have the entire thing
automated from initial inquiry through to the actual day itself.

I’m taking a deep dive into VSLs over at the agency and it’s forcing me to think about things I don’t usually think about with
written copy.

Good stuff on the home front, too.

If nothing else, we have caught every stomach bug there is to catch so hopefully we won’t be dealing with the pukes for a good
long while.

And I found a gingerbread cookie recipe that I’m happy with, finally.

This week won’t look like a normal workweek for me, but I’ve got some things on my docket. One of those VIP days, for starters.

And a workshop with YOU on Thursday!

This workshop is going to teach you how to write email using my style of storytelling.

Key benefits include:

* better deliverability (because people actually want to read & respond)

* higher revenue from email (the more people reading, the more people buying)

* increased fun! (if it’s not fun and it’s not mandatory, I’m not doing it anymore)

Email is a big part of my game.

If you want it to be a bigger part of your game, you need this workshop.

Click here to get your ticket. 

(Yes, there will be a replay.)

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