orthodontists are sadists & other casual observations

We are 3 days into our misadventures in orthodontics and I am ready to slug some people.


I called the day after they were put on my oldest, when we realized he can no longer chew anything.


I just had some basic questions. Like how long is he gonna have to deal with this, when will his teeth ever connect, and why in the sam hill did no one prepare us for this.


Apparently I'm just supposed to somehow understand that "he'll have a bite plate" means "he won't be able to chew anything for several months."


Or everyone thought everyone else prepped us for that. Or something. I don't know.


But this has been rocky.


It has been confusing and painful and worrisome... and a little bit scary for my kiddo, who begins middle school in about 2 weeks.


We live in a good community and he has some friends at that school, so I'm hoping the kids will be nice to him...


But what if they're not? 


The worry in the back of my head is constant.


Another constant worry in the back of my head?


Is my copy good enough?


For years I struggled with this not-knowing-ness.


I've been able to work through that insecurity (for the most part -- I'm working under one of the top copywriters in the world now and it's a little nerve-wracking)...


And one of the things that got me over the hump was Copy Chief.


Through Copy Chief, I have:

  • Had my copy critiqued and improved

  • Studied new copywriting skills & practiced them in the market

  • Improved my own offers and how I market them

  • Made copywriting friends, so I didn't feel so alone

  • Applied for writing gigs and felt great about doing it

  • Forged relationships with "higher-ups" because we had Copy Chief in common

  • Understood what clients on the other side of the table are looking for, so I can deliver better

All of which has been good career-building stuff.


More good stuff has come from my membership, too, but those are the bigs.


Copy Chief isn't just for copywriters -- it's for anyone who wants to write better copy so that marketing their stuff will be better.


We talk about FB ads and emails, sales pages, and more.


Yes, there's copywriter-specific stuff -- the sales page is pretty copywriter-specific -- but honestly EVERY business needs good copy. So look at the offer stack.


And there's a 30-day guarantee on your membership. Soooo... you can join, see if it's as good as I say it is, and then bail if it's not right for you, no harm no foul.


Here's my link to get in:





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