How to be a rock star to your target market

When you’re trying to get your name out as an expert — whether you’re building your email list, establishing your credibility, or simply taking your work to the next level — you need to become known in your target market. Start popping up everywhere, especially in places your market already knows and respects, and your audience, client list, and bottom line will grow. While reading through a Reddit AMA with Neville Medhora on autoresponders, I came across some great advice about increasing your visibility and boosting your credibility in any market. I’m sharing it here today, with Neville’s permission.

Here’s how to get all up in your target market

List the top 5 blogs in your market.

List the top 5 podcasts or radio shows they listen to.

List the top 5 news sources they watch.

List the meetups or events they go to.

Get featured on all of those places within 3-to-12 months, and as Neville says, “you will appear to be someone big.”

how to build authority like a rock star



Such great advice! Look like an expert to your ideal audience and ANYONE can do it! Thanks for pinning!

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