sooooooo I almost died at church yesterday

(turns out I’m the April fool)

Today’s April Fool’s Day and I’m pretty sure I’m the fool.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, arguably the biggest day of the year for most churches.

(It was certainly crowded by our standards.)

And because it was Easter, I decided to forego my usual Birkenstock sandals for some black dressy sandals.

I bought these shoes for a photo shoot maybe a year and a half ago, and I end up wearing them every few months for some reason or

They’re practical as far as dress shoes go — or so I thought.

The heel is wide and not very tall, so they’re pretty stable.

And there’s an ankle strap to keep them on.

I didn’t think I could go wrong with these shoes.

And yet…

I currently sit here crippled…

One foot torn up, the other foot sore and bruised…

And marks all up and down one of my arms that would have people asking me if I feel safe in my relationship.

Because these shoes…

With all their practicality…

Are stone-cold killers.

I was coming down the steps outside the fellowship hall yesterday — this is the part of the church where they do the free
community lunch every week, with tables and chairs and a small commercial kitchen.

I was at the top of the steps, chatting with someone at the bottom of the steps.

We hadn’t met before so I was focusing on our conversation…

and I made an awkward half- turn and lost my footing.

Next thing I knew, I was going





and no matter how hard I tried to grab the hand rails, there was no stopping me.

And so, I tumbled.

And splatted right there on the edge of one of the lower steps.

Right there almost on top of my new friend. Formerly new friend, maybe.

These are red brick steps, mind you.

Sharp edges.

Hard landing.

I might still die of embarrassment.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t injured.

It was an awkward fall, but also apparently a slow one.

My hip is a little sore, I have this gnarly bruise all along my arm (from the edge of the step, so weird, how did that happen),
and I have a couple of toes that apparently got busted somehow or another because the nail beds are sore.

Maybe we’ll have The Toe Email, Part 2 in the coming weeks!

So anyway. It’s the last day of spring break here, and we’ve got a slow day in store.

I’ve got some more VSLs to work on for the agency, and I’m pulling together the first call’s curriculum this Friday for the Email Intensive.

Really looking forward to spending the next 4 weeks helping a few select people get really good at writing emails.

There’s still a little bit of room left if you want to get in here at the last minute.

We’re going to focus on writing story-based emails that sell.

Join us for 4 weeks of live instruction and my direct feedback on your stuff here:

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