yesterday’s best prank

My kids were out of school yesterday, so I wasn’t as present and available online as I normally would be on a Monday.

I did, however, spot a couple of decent April Fools Day gags.

My favorite, by far, was from Last Crumb.

If you haven’t checked out Last Crumb yet, I highly recommend it.

They’re a luxury cookie company (yes, that’s a thing) and they sell boxes of 6 and 12 cookies for $90 and $140 (plus shipping and

I have tasted one, and it was SO GOOD.

I wish they sold these in smaller quantities, because I would absolutely spring for 2 or 3… but 12 at a time is a bit much for

But anyway.

Their copy, at least as of October, was all written by Cole Shafer (of Honey Copy).

Cole says he wants to be known as “a writer’s writer” and in a lot of ways, he is.

What he’s done with this cookie brand is pretty special.

Check ’em out. Read the descriptions. It’s a lot of fun.

Anyway, so being a “luxury cookie business” is kind of a weird thing, and they bring some cheeky self-awareness to their

And yesterday was another fabulous example of it.

They (as a gag) “launched” a $12,000 box of cookies.

Cookies for $1,000 a pop.

But in the product description, they hinted at a coupon code…

Which brought this box of 12 — normally $140 and listed as $12k — down to $80.

I hemmed and hawed — I’ve never seen a box of 6 go that low, let alone 12 — but ultimately decided to pass.

“Not today, Satan” and all that.

But I woke up this morning wondering if that was the right decision 🙃

Either way, I love this brand.

I love how serious they are about what they do, how solid they are on their product, how disinterested they are in the nay-sayers, and how creative they are with their marketing.

It seems like they’re always having a good time, you know?

And I mean, if you’re gonna charge that much for cookies… might as well own it.

Reminds me of a lesson my mentor, Julie Chenell, smacked me with a couple years ago.

I’d just raised my prices for copywriting, and I was feeling guilty charging new people these new rates.

She told me to get over it and to assume the attitude of “If you want to work with me, this is how much it’s gonna cost you.”

That moment changed my life for the better.

I suggest you take it on, too, no matter what work you do.

If you want help finding clients you can practice this attitude adjustment on, you will benefit from my course, Booked-Out Writer.

It’s all about how to find freelance writing clients, from me, a person who’s been doing that since 2010.

You can get the info and join the course here:

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