to gate or not to gate

Over at the agency we’re always looking at the ways other “book businesses” do their ad campaigns and funnel pages.

We’ve come across this one agency that works with romance authors (so, not a direct competitor) and they’re doing some curious

They’re running videos as ads in addition to static ads.

And these ads are all driving traffic to a curious VSL page that is unlike most VSLs we’ve seen, and completely unlike any VSL
page I’ve ever seen.

They’re basically “giving away the farm” right here on the VSL.

They’re introducing the concept of “do your own marketing, keep 100% of your profits” to these romance authors who otherwise write books and put them up on Amazon and cross their fingers hoping for some sales.

So the VSL covers the 30,000-foot view of digital marketing your romance novels, and then it goes deeper into the “what” part of the strategy.

They have a 3-step process they lay out — it’s something like publish your books, run traffic to your listings, keep emailing
them more books… something like that. I don’t remember exactly.

And then they’re like “I help authors just like you to do this every single day” and they pitch a call with their team to see if
it’s right for you.

It’s all pretty standard stuff, but the way they’ve set it up is not standard, because it’s all completely ungated.

The ONLY thing you have to opt in for is the call.

The rest of it, you can just click and get.

You can click from the ad and get the VSL.

You can click a link below the VSL to get their g-doc playbook with the steps and whatever.

The playbook goes into WHAT but much less HOW.

Theoretically, you could take the playbook and figure out how to do each step yourself.

And the playbook is also loaded with their book a call link.

This is an interesting strategy, and the more I think about it the more I kinda like it.

Video traffic is relatively inexpensive, as far as Facebook ads go.

Keeping everything ungated means you don’t have to mess with extended nurture sequences and stuff like that.

And the people who do end up opting into your list end up being pretty highly qualified.

You have to do a lot less “nurture” and you can focus more on following up and closing.

Very interesting strategy.

I’m thinking about how I might use it in my own business…

My most expensive service right now is the VIP day, but it’s not exactly the right offer for this kind of advertising.

The pitch for a VIP day is a lot different from the pitch for ongoing agency services and the offer is a lot less complex, so I’m
not sure all that pre-education would even be required.

In fact, it’s pretty straightforward.

You book me for a whole day or a half day.

We decide ahead of time what I’ll work on…

And then I spend your day (or half day) working on your stuff.

I get as much of your stuff done as I can, and then I do a loom review of everything I’ve done and how it’s all sorted and hand it
all over.

There’s a week of revisions, and then we’re set!

Sometimes we have a project we want to finish during the day, but usually clients hand me a long list of stuff and say “do as much as you can.”

I’m really glad I started doing these for my client work — clients really appreciate knowing exactly what to expect, and WHEN.

It’s working out well on both sides.

Here’s a sample list of what I can do for you in a VIP day:

* polish up a sales page & come up with a couple new headlines to test

* find the “holes” in your funnel and plug them up with better copy

* write new Facebook ads

* write your launch emails

* audit and improve your existing email campaigns

* script a VSL for you and draft a VSL page

* outline a webinar and draft a webinar reg page

There’s more, of course, but those are the types of projects I’ve been working on lately.

If you’d like to see what I could do in a day for you, just hit reply to this email and let me know. I’ll send you all the info.

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