2 weeks to $2,000

We had a GREAT call on Friday for our first Email Incubator session.

One call down 4 to go.

I love the gals (it worked out to be all ladies) in the group and it seems like our time together will be interesting and

Just as I expected it would be.

But I have this niggling feeling that something is missing…

Or more likely, someONE is missing.

And I think that someone might be you.

Most of these gals have been to one of my email workshops…

And all of them without exception have reported back that once they started doing email my way, email became easier, more
enjoyable, and more profitable.

One of them even sold a $2000 course JUST with email, to someone who’d been on the list for I think 2 weeks.

Two weeks to a $2,000 course sale!

(Now we just gotta get her actively list-building… maybe that’s another workshop for another time)

We’re studying the data at the agency and finding that a lot of people who sign up for our lowest-tier programs are on the list for like 2-3 YEARS.

Some of them do end up buying into something within 30, 60, or 90 days… but the majority take a good bit longer.

And it usually takes at least one phone call with the sales team, too.

Now… one difference here is that almost all our offers involve coaching, so we have to be picky — whereas when you’re selling a course, you don’t have to be picky.

Which means people can buy in a little more quickly.

But still…

2 weeks to a $2,000 sale to a cold lead off a funnel is pretty dang good if you ask me.

And one of my goals for her time in the incubator is to simplify the process of emailing so it doesn’t feel like such a heavy

Gal’s a writer-writer and every email feels big and heavy and long because writing — and I want to help shift that for her.

Because email can be light and easy and fun — and the more she sends, the more she’s gonna sell.

Which is ultimately the goal.

Let’s get more of those $2k courses sold, by emailing more often than once a month.

Just an idea.

A good idea.

Another good idea:

Getting your buns in the incubator before it’s too late. I’ve unlocked the back door and you can still sneak in at the beta price.
(Next time it’s gonna cost you more.)

Reg form is here:


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