Yes! You can have a writing career!

Yes! You can have a writing career!

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Get My Best Insider Tips No One Else Is Teaching

In this masterclass, we'll cover my three core frameworks for growing a freelance writing business that THRIVES...

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Get My Best Insider Tips No One Else Is Teaching

In this masterclass, we'll cover my three core frameworks for growing a freelance writing business that THRIVES...

with or without a niche.

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the importance of scheduling in time to read

Why Writers Need To Make Time To Read

By ashleygainer | February 23, 2022

Writers need to make time to read. If you’re a freelance writer like me, you can get so absorbed in your writing business that you forget about reading anything that isn’t related to your business. This isn’t a good thing for the writer in you. Why do writers need to read?   Reading is fuel […]

what's the difference between freelance, contract, and employee?

What Is A Freelance Writer? (Freelancer Terminology)

By ashleygainer | December 19, 2021

What IS a freelance writer? Are you confused by freelancer terminology like contractor vs employee and clients vs customers? There’s a lack of clarity about our roles and what we call ourselves. For example: Who’s the client? Do we call them clients? Are they customers? Whatever we call them, are they the boss? Are you […]

what to do when you're going to miss a deadline

7 Things To Do When You Miss A Deadline

By ashleygainer | September 6, 2021

Nobody wants to miss a deadline, but what do you do if you’re facing that particular reality? I don’t have a ton of experience, but I have missed a deadline or two over the past 12 years… and I’ve had a lot of deadlines missed on me, as well. With all those experiences in mind, […]

what to do as a freelance writer when a crisis hits

What To Do In A Crisis – 5 Tips To Help You Survive

By ashleygainer | August 23, 2021

Nobody wants to be in crisis mode, but sooner or later we all find ourselves there anyway. Here are my best 5 tips for what to do in a crisis, no matter where you are in the timeline. When there’s hard stuff going on in your life or your business, whether it’s health or circumstances, […]

do you need a niche skill course?

A New Writing Niche: Do You Need A Course First?

By ashleygainer | August 2, 2021

If you need to learn the skills in a new writing niche, should you spend money on a course? How do you know if that makes sense or if you’re just chasing a shiny object (especially if the course is expensive)?   What is your ROI for the new writing niche?   There are 2 […]

how can I compete with upwork and fiverr

How To Compete With Sites Like Fiverr And Upwork

By ashleygainer | July 26, 2021

How can you compete with the freelancer marketplace sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour? One of my goals is to get every struggling writer off those bidding sites. This should help you begin to get your head around the whole “why would anyone work with me when there’s a bunch of platforms where […]

Sarah Greeley

Thank you, Ashley! By following your advice I just got my first paying gig.

Without a website or any social media presence! I used the clips I created in Clips Camp and I just decided to go for it. I would not have taken these steps to launch my freelance business without your guidance. You are so real and honest about your journey; you made freelance writing seem possible. And now it is possible for me. I have never felt more confident in myself and my abilities!

Erin Cryder

Your classes, Facebook group, Instagram, and just general approachability have really driven me to want to succeed at this.

It feels like someone is in my corner all the time. Thanks for your mentoring- keep up the great work!!

Amanda Linsky

I finally found a freelance writer/course creator I could personally relate to

I've been looking into freelance writing for over a year now. There's a lot of information out there and a lot of people who claim to be able to teach the "best" way to go about being a writer…. I prefer your down-to-earth style of teaching.

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